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Monday, February 8, 2016

Top 5 Advanced Strategies for Winning in Chinese Poker (Big Two - Chaw Dai Di)

For those who are not familiar with the game Big Two, check out Big Two: An Introduction. For all those that already know how to play Big Two, I have compiled a short list of useful strategies that will take your money game to the next level. Directly quoted from a dominant Chaw Dai Di money player that I know, these strategies are sure to aid you in winning some nice spending money from your friends. Although these tips are geared for all those who want to get involved with Big Two for money, their usefulness carries over to friendlier versions of the popular game. So without further delay, I give you:

Useful Tips for Winning in Big Two When Playing for Money
  • "Never hit the player before you unless you have a sure win hand" - If there is no possible way for you to win, it is always better to help the person that goes before you to win since they will have the opportunity to go first in the next round (this applies mainly for the variation where the Big Two winner and not the holder of the Diamond Three gets to go first in the next round)
  • "Always counter the player going after you if you have higher ranked cards to do so" - This is related to the first tip where the main goal is to not be stuck going last in the first round of play in the next hand. If the player after you wins, you will have to "protect the back door" (Sau Hau Moon), which is one of the worse positions to be in for a money game. Countering the player in front of you with higher cards will decrease his/her chances of winning.
  • "When you know you cannot possibly win with the hand that you have, always try to run as soon as possible even when you hold the two of spades to avoid doubling, tripling and quadrupling penalties for cards remaining" - If you can't win, RUN. The difference between being in double penalty territory and triple penalty territory is ONE card, so on hopeless hands, try to get rid of as many cards as you can.
  • "Try to keep tabs on the Twos, Aces, Kings and Queens that have already been played. This information will be very crucial towards the end" - When it comes to the endgame, knowing what cards are the highest and that can "take control" (Wah See) can be the difference between winning and losing. Being able to go first in the next round is a huge advantage so winning the current round is a huge goal if you have the cards to do so. Future posts on advanced strategies will discuss certain times when it is more profitable to lose.
  • "Be more aggressive and conservative" - When playing for money, it is always better to be on the offensive and try to pressure and "stir-fry" (chow) your opponents into double, triple or quadruple penalty card counts. The more cards they have translates to the more money they owe you.
Many thanks to CDD Grandmaster A for providing such great tips. If you enjoyed this post, help promote the site. There will be more to come on Big Two strategies so check back often. If you would like to provide your own unique tips, leave a comment or send an email to

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