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Monday, February 8, 2016

Qualities of Two-digit Numbers

Qualities of Two-digit Numbers:

In addition to the main qualities of 1 to 9 numbers, mentioned in earlier postings, the following two digit number qualities also may be taken into account. For example, your name number is 40: you can read the "40" number qualities mentioned below.


As per your name, if you hold to your own judgment and opinions; if not, your plans are likely to become wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others. It is a favorable one for the future events. This name is the seat of learning. Education, attraction, comforts, royal honour, knowledge are all indicated. Your financial position will be up and down often. More or less, it is a good name.


As per your name, it gives you learning, wealth, health, conveyance and anything you want by right means. It may relieve you from the present economic crisis.


As per your name, it is not a material name. You may likely to lose the masculine tendency and become passionate and quarrelsome with licentious outlook.


As per your name, you will come up well in life but get into unnecessary litigations or confusions and waste your life. This name number is a powerful one for relief of ailments.


As per your name, family position is not seen well due to peculiar position of Mars. Intelligence, wealth, travels are indicated. If properly combined, this is a very successful name.


As per your name, you will have to come up in life to a high position from a low rank in life and get success. You are liked and helped by all. There will be harmony in life. This is a Hot name and the further combination it can be used for great success or otherwise this name may tell upon the health of your partner. Be careful in dealing with this.


As per your name, you will be persuasive, charitable-minded, occupying high position, sometimes trustees of religious institutions also. This gives success in early stage but cannot give steady and lasting success and the end is sudden and vain. Loss of respect and wealth is indicated at a later stage.


As per your name, by the influence of sign of Capricorn custom-built troubles are seen. This name indicates diseases and cure of mental fear.


As per your name, this is neither a successful nor unsuccessful one. Life is not a pleasant one though gain and honour are achieved. With keen mental development and by proper control, higher intuitional faculty is indicated.


As per your name, it indicates all comforts like royal honour, wealth, position, conveyance, etc. This is beneficial for all material things.


As per your name, it indicates a happy life, wealth, renown, friends, good position, success in public life are indicated combined with miserliness. You may become either learned or laxly. Your name has the power to cure ailments.


As per your name, it gives you position, intelligence, statesmanly ability, cleverness with misfortune, loss of position and narrow-mindedness.


As per your name, it gives success in profession, surprising wealth and all comforts. This is like a razor blade. The end is complete confusion when there is no honesty and faith in the lord.


As per your name, you will have tendency to occultism, regard and respect for elders and preceptors, independent thinking, wealth and honour with occasional mental worry and restlessness. This is a good name.


As per your name, when properly set up, maximum wealth and all kinds of prosperity can be achieved. Those who are not blessed with children if they come under this name number, can get children.

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