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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Chinese Guide to RED

During the Chinese New Year or any other auspicious Chinese holiday, you'll notice one dominant color: RED

To the non-Chinese, the color RED reminds people of blood, stop signs, communism, fast cars, valentine's day (love), little riding hood, lipstick, etc but one thing that most Americans can agree on is that RED is not considered a very lucky color.

On the contrary, the Chinese love RED. When others think about China or the Chinese, RED is usually the color that pops into their minds. Here are the reasons why the Chinese are so crazy about RED:

  • RED is vibrant and has historically stood for dignity, loyalty and honor (RED China)
  • It is the color for auspiciousness, courage, health, vitality (fire), happiness, harmony, fertility, fortune, peace and prosperity.
  • RED is especially prevalent during Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) and Chinese Weddings
  • In the US, declining stock prices are reflected with RED color but in China, rising stock prices are RED. (If you don't believe me, check out the picture below)
Picture List of Things Chinese and RED:

RED Chinese Lanterns - (pic reminds me of the Karate Kid zip-lining down one of these things)
Auspicious RED Chinese Knot 
RED dresses have come a long way
Flag of RED China
RED Chinese Firecrackers
RED Hawthorne Candy ("bing tang") 
RED Pocket - Lucky Money
Traditional Chinese RED Paper Cuttings
Chinese Stock Market Prices - RED is good, Green is BAD
Even the doors are RED
Now we are starting to go too far...
We have officially gone too far!
Please leave some comments and let me know if I have missed anything else RED and Chinese.

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