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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Pig Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Pig Personality

Jan. 17,1912 30,1911 to Feb.
Feb. 04,1924 16,1923 to Feb.
February 04,1935 to 23,1936 Jan.
Jan. 09,1948 22,1947 to Feb.
February 08,1959 to 27,1960 Jan.
Jan. 27,1971 to Jan 15,1972.
Feb. 13,1983 to Feb. 01,1984
Jan. to Feb. 31,1995 18,1996

In contrast to the known bad reputation in the west, pigs in the Chinese zodiac is the most generous and most respected compare to all of Chinese zodiac. Pigs are very good and have an attitude and a good flavour. They have an awful lot of nature perfectionist in themselves so they are regarded as a bully. Pigs are very obsessed with glamour, and wealth (including surrounding areas IE food, romance etc.). This Zodiac believes the best quality of humanity and certainly do not consider themselves as arrogant. Pigs are also paying attention to friends and family and worked hard to keep everyone happy in his life. Helping others is the main pleasure of the pig, which feels best if everyone is smiling.

The natural properties of the Pig will be very sad if there is no one around who appreciate it. The Pig was also very generous they can appear as one who has the nature of angels; This can lead them to people who are less good, and the bad news is the pig will take risks! Pigs become amazing friends because they refuse to see the bad side of a relationship, but it can make others take advantage of the pig. In contrast to what is already described, the pig can also be very cruel if the Were Feeling Used, especially in the areas of love, friendship or business associates.

The pig is usually a very clever individual, love to learn, play and continue to seek knowledge even further. They can be thought lazy people, because of their love of a good thing, Pig Zodiac was also very happy to spend the time to Have Sex, Sleep, and bath in a long time. Pig tends to be a good life partners because their hearts gold and love their to the family. However, they can be very exclusive, find an empty time to those who appreciate them and ignore the others. Pigs will realize their lives would be in need if they open themselves to many different types of people, they will thrive.
The most suitable partner for Pig are rabbits and goats.

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