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Monday, February 8, 2016

Vanity 800 Numbers are Important for Every Business

Vanity 800 numbers personalize your identity and create a memorable, distinctive and customized business number for you. Businesses that use vanity numbers enjoy a special edge because they are easily recognized. If you wish to promote your business in a way that is smarter, simpler and yet have wider access you should use vanity numbers. 

One of the quickest and coolest ways to brand your business is to sign up for a phone number that can be remembered easily and at the same time provides you an easy way of communication with your customers. Most of the businesses are now catching up with the fact that 800 numbers and especially vanity 800 numbers can be the game-changer of your business.

Marketing Tool
Vanity numbers are alphanumeric numbers that contain a word or a phrase related to your business. These are real phone numbers with some smart features. Vanity 800 numbers are especially successful in marketing and promotional efforts.  Remembering a 10 digits number can be difficult. But if that number contains the name of your business, product or service - isn’t that easy to remember? A vanity number exactly does this. Suppose you have a popcorn business and you want to do a promotional campaign for your business. You can use a vanity number like: 1 800 POPCORNS. This acts as a branding for your business at the same time providing your customers the smartest way to reach you.

Maintain Your Privacy
 Using a vanity number on your virtual phone system can definitely give your business an extra edge. Though relevant for all businesses it becomes particularly important for a small business or a start-up to establish a relationship with their customers and a vanity number is a great device that helps you create and maintain this. You can advertise your vanity 800 numbers and your customers will call you on that number. This helps you to maintain the privacy of your number and at the same time attracts customer’s queries. Since this is a toll free number, your customers know that they are not going to pay anything for calling you. So expect more queries from them!

New Prefix for Vanity Number
With the rise in the demand for toll free numbers there has been a scarcity of the popular toll free prefix – 800. So, there has emerged a new set of toll free prefixes – 888, 877, 866, and 855. These are also used with vanity numbers and sequential vanity number. So the prefix of a vanity number is no longer limited to 800. It can be 888, 877, 866 and also 855. Today vanity 800 numbers need to be identified by its character and not only by its prefix.

Create Unique Vanity Numbers
With the popularity of the vanity numbers there has been another difficulty.  You can have trouble finding the vanity number of your choice because some other business might have already used the number. But it is always better to brainstorm and find a unique vanity number relevant to your business rather than using a generic number. For example, if you are a real estate professional and find 1 888 BUY A HOME already used by some other realtor then you can use a number like 1888 BEST HOME.

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