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Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Eat on a Budget - Hong Kong Mini Cakes

With food prices rising so quickly, it is hard to find anything for a dollar. Even the "dollar menu" at McDonalds has become the $1.39 menu with a few exceptions (like my favorite 2 for $1 apple pie super deal). Anyways, I digress. Having grown up in New York City, I've always had a thing for Hong Kong Mini Cakes. I'm not sure if they're sold anywhere else but I can only assume that they have them in Hong Kong. For the longest time, the mini cake cart on the intersection of Grand St. and Bowery St. had what seemed like exclusive rights to these easy-to-make yet delicious-to-eat snacks. I remember having to constantly wait on line for these cakes. Even now, there is only one other rival cart on Pell St. and Bowery St., who in my opinion, makes inferior mini cakes. Perhaps Hong Kong mini cakes are just not a lucrative business.

Anyways these mini cakes deserve recognition since they are popular among all Chinese people, young and old. They are not only light, tasty and seemingly healthy but also so damn cheap. Right now, they go for, I think, 15 for $1 (feel free to correct me in the comments section) but with rising food and oil prices I wouldn't be surprised if its 10 for $1. Still these snacks can't be beat. The key to enjoying these cakes is to eat them while they're hot. If you let them get cold, they pretty much taste like crap, so eat them while they're hot.

Hong Kong Mini Cakes- Perfect Recession Snack!

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