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Monday, February 8, 2016

Do you Drive Like a Chinese Person?

For anyone who has ever wondered why Chinese people drive the way they do, you have obviously never been to China.

Having recently returned from China, I have realized that Chinese people are bad drivers because their driving skills have been taken out of context.

In China, if you drive courteously (allow pedestrians the right of way, signal, stay in lane, etc) you would never get anywhere. It is the unfortunate reality of the traffic situation in China. There has been much improvement but for someone who has been raised in the United States, I am still shocked when I see cars going the opposite way on the HIGHWAYS (yes the highway) in China.

Anyways, next time you see a horrible Chinese driver, just remember that it's not completely their fault, it was the way they were raised.

Side note: This in no way explains the terribleness of women drivers. Perhaps its a gender thing.

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