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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rooster (Chicken) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rooster (Chicken) Personality

Jan. 09,1910 22,1909 to Feb.
February 08,1921 to 27,1922 Jan.
Jan. 13,1934 26,1933 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1946 13,1945 to Feb.
Jan. 17,1958 31,1957 to Feb.
Feb. 17,1969 to Feb. 05,1970
Feb. 05,1981 to 24,1982 Jan.
Jan. 09,1994 23,1993 to Feb.

Rooster is a fast thinker who is very practical and very rich in knowledge, tend to choose the focus to what is already a try rather than take risks that are not required. Rooster is usually good observers. It is very difficult to escape the attention of Roosters, because they have eyes on the back of his head! This quality can make Rooster considered paranormal, but the truth is not like that; Instead, the Zodiac is glad to pay attention to details that make him a strong analysis. The Rooster was very fit to be a lawyer, pembedah brain (?) and accountant. Beyond all that, the Rooster was very open and appreciate the honesty of others.

The Rooster was not suspicious and has no interest to hide his ugliness. Their books are open, said kebeneran and keep your Word. If you help them, they will be saluted for it. The nature of this belief can make a swindler tricked the Rooster, but really it's not a good idea. Remember, the Zodiac is always opened his eyes at all times.

The Rooster also tend to be very perfectionist and expect holds control, especially terhadpa their appearance. Argued with Poultry could be a very long time. Get noticed and admired becomes a dream for Roosters, and they can wait a long time to get this recognition. Hen also liked to go out of town, especially if they are in the group who liked her Rooster so pay attention to appearance. regardless of the costs to be incurred.

The Rooster also expect control of surrounding areas, including anyone that. The Rooster will keep the House clean and expect lovers, spouses and family members for maintaining neatness and well-behaved. This can be a problem for others. The Rooster needs to get the right colleagues, people who understand the nature of this Zodiac. With the right people, the Rooster will be very loyal, trusting and supportive of her lover.

Rooster need to learn to appreciate the heart and soul of them including their appearance. They are very clever and has a keen mind make them valued. This Zodiac will also do my best to learn to adopt the philosophy of "live and let live"; Perhaps the same logic that the Roosters are inefficient to spend disrupting other people will help the Chicks learn to be yourself.

The most suitable partner for the Rooster is  OX (Buffalo) and snake.

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