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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rats (Mouse) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rats (Mouse) Personality

Jan. 19,1901 31,1900 to Feb.
Feb. 06,1913 18,1912 to Feb.
February 05,1924 to 24,1925 Jan.
Jan. 10,1937 24,1936 to Feb.
Feb. 14,1949 10,1948 to Feb.
Jan. 14,1961 28,1960 to Feb.
Jan. 02,1973 16,1972 to Feb.
Feb. 02,1984 to Feb 19,1985.

Although Rats are known as carriers of the disease, the animal was completely different when compared in China. China is known as a good entertainer and his ability to dig and maintain the existing values; The rat is known as a symbol of luck and prosperity in China and Japan. Smart and quick motion, the rat Zodiac is very remarkable. Very nice, love the flavor of this Zodiac always exalt him every chance. Is the nature of natural fun and poignant, funny and being a good friend to everyone. Rats love to wonder who becomes his friend and will treat all of the loyal friends with protection and outstanding generosity.

Behind the smiles and sweetness, rats often have an agenda of her own. This zodiac was motivated by self-interest, which often times if related to money; gluttony became a major problem if the mice are not careful to keep his priority. This Zodiac nature fun and persuasive can come in handy! Rats are very generous to the gang as friends or family who have proven his loyalty. Others may consider them easy tempered and sharp mouthed. Verbal satisfaction means a lot to the rats, the Zodiac is easily known to others in love or loathed.

Rats often like to see from the outside, because from there she could see how the workings of a system or situation. Mice are always looking for new knowledge to be stored or disposed of. The Zodiac forever curious also invite challengers who want to compete with him. The Rats also know how to pleasure yourself.

A valuable lesson for the Rats is to learn to consider others above all else. If they can improve themselves and realize the value to make room for others, rats will find true happiness.

Most suitable couples for Rats Are a Dragon or monkey.

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