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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Top 10 Reasons Why Chinese People are Skinny

This is more the rule than the exception!

In addition to being good at math, Chinese people and others of Asian descent are also known to be skinny. I have compiled here the Top Ten reasons why I believe Chinese people are skinny along with pictures.

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Top Ten Reasons Why Chinese People are Skinny

Clean and Healthy
1. The average traditional Chinese person eats mainly vegetables, fruits and rice/noodles. They also eat a lot of fish and does not eat much red meat.

2. Chinese food is usually prepared steamed, boiled or stir fried. Never deep-fried unless you go to a Westernized Chinese Take-Out place.    
3. Chinese people have less exposure to sugar - the traditional breakfast is usually rice porridge or noodles not cereals or pancakes that can contain a lot of sugar. Also Chinese people drink a lot of tea as opposed to juices/soda.

Everyone for themselves

4. Chinese people almost always eat family style (sharing of dishes). This pressures them to save some for others and gives them a variety of both healthy and not as healthy foods.

5. Chopsticks - you can only fit so much between those 2 skinny sticks (like Jerry Seinfeld said "Which is more efficient - Pool Cues or a Shovel?". Same goes for the small rice bowl.

We don't need Gym Membership
6. Physically Active - Check out any park around 6am and I'm sure you'll find Chinese people doing Tai Chi or some form of exercise.

7. There is social pressure to stay skinny. Chinese people can be ruthless when talking about the obese especially for Chinese women. Mothers also tend to be tough on their "fat" daughters. 

The Exception!
8. Genes - Who knows, I guess it's possible (but there is always the exception as well)

9. China use to be and is still in some areas very poor so there are no opportunities to overeat. Also when you are poor, meat is a luxury.
You thought your commute was bad

10. Chinese people work hard and we pretty much walk or bike everywhere. Cars only recently came into play in China and many families still do not have access to a car. 

As China is becoming more and more wealthy and Westernized (foods, snacks and lifestyles), it seems that many of these reasons will no longer be valid and I believe we will see a rise in the obesity rate of the Chinese population along with the health problems that come along with it. 

perhaps it has already begun...

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