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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Tiger Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Tiger Personality

February 08,1902 to 28,1903 Jan.
Jan. 13,1915 26,1914 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1927 13,1926 to Feb.
Jan. 31,1938 Feb. 18,1939 to
Feb. 05,1951 17,1950 to Feb.
Feb. 05,1962 to 24,1963 Jan.
Jan. 10,1975 23,1974 to Feb.
Jan. 09,1986 to Jan 28,1987.

Tiger may not be the King of the jungle, but this Cat  is not very soft! The center of attention and self-serving, Tiger is born as a leader. They have the authority to admonish others to follow her way. Although they are fun and likes to hang out, Tigers sometimes aloof as well. The main interests of the Tiger is to follow his ambition and keep in order to keep control.

A very bold when compared to the other and usually win the game, be it in the field of employment or the Affairs of the bed. Guile is one of the hallmarks of the Tigers. Noble and warm hearted, Tiger has attraction for other Zodiac. Not just because of the attraction, often fighting for the good of the Tigers if the result is useful. Opponents should be wary of Zodiac this one.

A little caution is a good thing for the Tigers, as they can scratch without prior warning. They are very moody and often feel uptight compared to another. They may act badly if in a State of distress and easy once angry without controlling emotions. Reprimand of this Zodiac can make a run for either friends or enemies.

A lesson for Tiger is keeping everything in order not to get too extreme. So this cat can search center and affect their energy, they can accomplish many things.

The most suitable partner for Tiger are a horse or a dog.

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