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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Fuk Luk Sau

You will find statues of these three Chinese Deities in most of the Chinese Homes.

Fuk, Luk Sau are the gods of wealth, high rank and longevity respectively.

The statues of these three gods are rarely worshiped.

Their presence is merely symbolic.

Their presence in the house is considered to be very auspicious and lucky.

Fuk is the god of wealth, and is taller than the other two gods. He is generally placed in the center

Luk is the god of high rank and authority.

Sau is the god of longevity,he has a round head which is almost bald

Fuk, Luk  Sau together represent the three most important types of good fortunes.

They are displayed together, and their presence is said to ensure wealth, authority, respect, long life and good health.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


There should be no obstructions outside your main door. If there is an obstructing wall or a staircase, you should alter the entrance.

There should be no mirrors in the house directly opposite the main door. Such mirrors result in reflecting back the good energy which enters the house.

Front door should not face a toilet door. Since toilet is a negative area, the good energy coming from the main door enters the toilet and gets drained away. If you have this arrangement, change the entrance of the toilet from another room or from another wall. If you cannot do this, construct a solid barrier between them.

If the toilet is very near the main door, change the entrance

Avoid 3 doors in one line. If this happens, energy flows at high speed and adversely affects the occupants of the last room. You can change the middle door to avoid this problem.

Avoid top floor flats if the water tank is above the flat. Since water at a height is considered dangerous, sleeping below it is very risky.

Keep the front door free of obstructions. Since good energy flows from the main door, any obstruction like a shoe rack will stop or reduce the flow of good energy.

Never sleep on a double bed with two separate mattresses. This is very bad according to feng shui, because sleeping on separate mattresses lead to separation. Many difficult marriages on the verge of divorce have been said to have been saved, just by correcting this problem.

Do not keep mirrors in the bedroom, especially ones facing the bed. These days, couples have a fancy of keeping mirrors not only in front of the bed, but also on the ceiling! Such mirrors create major disturbances in the marriage and may even lead to a third person entering the relationship.

Avoid sleeping in front of the door. It is important that neither the head not the feet are directly in front of the door. This reduces the life of the person and also affects his health.

Do not keep leaking taps un-repaired for long. Since water is considered wealth, leaking taps is said to drain your money.

Do not sit with an open window behind you, as it drains positive energy and causes stress. You are also at risk of being cheated.

Water and fire are opposite, so never keep the kitchen burners and the saink/water pot either adjacent to each other, or opposite to each other. Keep them away and facing different directions.

Try to have at least one meal together with your family. This enhances the relationship between the family members. Remember, a family that eats together, lives together, stays together!

It is a good idea to have a mirror reflecting the dining table. It creates an impression of double the food on the table, and proposes that the family will never lack food.

Never display pictures or paintings that depict scenes of war and violence. It leads to arguments in the family.
Avoid open book shelves; keep them covered. Open shelves create "killing breath" which is harmful to the occupants of that room.

If you have clocks, watches and other old appliances, remove them at the earliest or get them repaired. Keeping them at home or office brings bad luck.


Some of the common Feng Shui wealth activating objects to enhance and maintain wealth and prosperity are coins and toad.

A set of three coins can be tied together with a red ribbon and attached to the register in which you maintain the accounts to energize the wealth factor.

The coins can also be kept in your wallet in close contact with the currency. Alternatively you can hang the coins on the door handle of your main entrance towards the inside of the room. This will also help to attract wealth into your home or office.

The Feng shui toad is a commonly used object to implement the Feng Shui wealth tips. The toad usually comes with a Chinese coin in its mouth and should be placed near the entrance, diagonally facing the room. It symbolizes the toad bringing in wealth luck to your home.

Keeping a healthy orange plant also symbolizes luck and prosperity. The more luscious the fruits are the better it will be for Feng Shui purposes. If activating your career is connected with acquiring more wealth then you could also use some tips for that in addition to wealth enhancing tips.

A terrapin turtle kept in the northern direction is very auspicious as a protection as well as a career enhancing factor. The more active the turtle, the better will it be for your career. In place of turtle, you could also opt for goldfish which might look more appealing to you and your family.

No matter what Feng Shui wealth advice you follow and implement, it is advisable to always take the opinion and consultation of a Feng Shui expert. The tips should only be implemented under the specific guidance of a Feng Shui practitioner as wrongly implemented Feng Shui could cause you more harm so it is always better to be cautious.