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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Monkey Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Monkey Personality

February 02,1908 to 21,1909 Jan.
Feb. 07,1921 20,1920 to Feb.
February 06,1932 to 25,1933 Jan.
Jan. 25,1944 to Feb. 12,1945
Feb. 12,1956 to 30,1957 Jan.
Jan. 16,1969 30,1968 to Feb.
Feb. 04,1981 16,1980 to Feb.
February 22,1993 04,1992 to Jan.

Famous animals like monkey party! Fun and energetic, Zodiac Monkeys are able to create fun, activity and teasing. They really know how to get the time happy and can be seen moving from one group of friends to another group, caught the attention of many people. Always the spirit, they are considered celebrities in its environment due to the high sense of humor and a keen mind. Surprisingly, even Zodiac Monkey is also a good listener and able to cope with difficult situations. This is Zodiac nature keingin informed that cause them to become extremely know many things in different topic. The Monkey has the side prides itself with its own way draw attention to colleagues through what they know.

Monkeys tend to be vulnerable to accidents due to lack of consideration in a variety of ways. The main interest of this Zodiac is pursuing his own pleasure; This is not a bad thing it's just that this is the nature of the monkeys. However, a less cautious stance from monkeys can carry them to a variety of problems. In romance, Monkey creates fun, fascinating lovers? but it in fact can eliminate a romantic atmosphere. The good news is, the attitude and sense of humor of the Monkeys can keep Monkeys from the problem. Maybe not everybody will always win with a monkey? but whether Monkeys really matter? The Monkey World, full of energy and it is not for everyone. Remember, this does not mean a cruel Zodiac; but they are just a bit curious for their own good. Monkey always felt need to try everything at least once.

Monkey also love yourself that can take them to a variety of problems. Zodiac it may have limitations to control themselves against food, and other fun activities alkhol. Is the time partying at any time for the monkeys, but despite a bothersome when the Monkeys know how to touch the hearts of the people. They are also not afraid to admit their mistakes, but at least they try to retreat and hide everything? for a while.

The monkeys must learn to think of someone other than himself, at least for some time. This will be increasingly sio world complete if they realize that the world does not revolve around them.

The most suitable partner for monkey is a rat and a dragon.

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