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Monday, February 8, 2016

Qualities of Two-digit Numbers

Qualities of Two-digit Numbers:

In addition to the main qualities of 1 to 9 numbers, mentioned in earlier postings, the following two digit number qualities also may be taken into account. For example, your name number is 50: you can read the "50" number qualities mentioned below.


As per your name, it gives wealth, comforts, and literary taste, culture, friends and position. Weak eye sight is also seen.


As per your name, if you do prayers, you will be blessed and you will be always free from troubles. If you do not do prayers, you will perish. Higher stages of life are indicated under this name. This is not a worldly name and whatever may be the actions, you will have obstacles. This name will induce one to have faith in religion.


As per your name, this is a name indicates restlessness for those who do not have intuitional faculties.


As per your name, you will have proficiency in Mathematics or Astrology or Physical science, clear foresight is with this name. This is virgin name indicating long life.


As per your name, this is a highly powerful name indicating anger, courage, sympathy, love, attraction, repulsion, all at the same time.


As per your name, this makes you a good conversationalist and learned. Combined with spiritual bent and regular prayers, success can be achieved. Short temper and vain life are indicated. This is not a good name for any great material prosperity.


As per your name, this is a very risky name. Taste for public life, profound success, great victory combined with confusion, loss of appointment, prestige and the like are indicated.


As per your name, it indicates no great matrimonial happiness though there may be general love prevailing. A certain amount of affable manners, ceremonial mind, riches and intelligence combined with worry from relations are seen.


As per your name, it gives you super intelligence. This is a very powerful name. This can win over enemies. Creation and destruction are indicated. Multiple profits will be got. Super intelligence when not properly used, may bring disaster.


As per your name, it gives you relief from all troubles and getting wealth and riches. The mind will become restless though Venus relieves nervousness of Mercury to a great extent. This gives you magical powers. Super intelligence is indicated.


As per your name, it indicates favorable life and retiring disposition are seen. This name number in business concern is interesting to note.


As per your name, it indicates accomplishment of your plans and success. Sometimes extraordinary success is seen. Religious devotion is also seen. There will be a great attraction. Multiple profits are seen. Royal favour is indicated. In the later stage, increase of enemies, scandal, contests and residence in remote land may be the outcome.


As per your name, this is a successful name. Earning by intellectual-al pursuits is indicated. Multiple profits are seen. Perceptive faculties, philosophical outlook, frugal ways of living, interesting literary ability in early life and success through it, breaks in education, knowledge of astrology and mathematics and cunningness are indicated. Ailment in spleen, diseases incidental to exposure are also likely, if health is not properly maintained.


As per your name, you will weigh things before you venture. Wealth and family enjoyments are with this name. Power of expression and celebrity in arts are indicated.


As per your name, you are likely to be wanting in proper mode of conduct. Family life is not seen well. Though some pains and powers are seen, this name is not so good for material prosperity. Science of Pranayama is indicated.

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