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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dragon Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dragon Personality

Feb. 03,1905 16,1904 to Feb.
February 03,1916 to 22,1917 Jan.
Jan. 09,1929 23,1928 to Feb.
February 08,1940 to 26,1941 Jan.
Jan. 13,1953 27,1952 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1965 13,1964 to Feb.
Jan. 17,1977 31,1976 to Feb.
Feb. 17,1988 to Feb. 05,1989

The Dragon is one of the strongest and most fortunate Zodiac in Chinese Astrology or the zodiac. This is the Zodiac who likes to give smart and headstrong, who know what they want and how to achieve their desires. The dragon has some natural properties, attractive charisma that made sure they would be able to persuade or influence spouses and also often find them in the center of attention at any social situation. It is also very blessed; Dragons are usually known to be very lucky to love problem. Friends of the Dragon biasanaya very much like to hear what the want to talk about the Dragon and in providing advice or opinion, the Dragon who can grab attention.

The Ego is very high, but the Dragon Zodiac owned Zodiac is known can provide the motivation for his followers. According to legends Dragon, is the nature of their natural-born to lead the way. Because they are lucky, usually a dragon has a good chance of grabbing the material can be mensejahterahkan throughout their lives, although that does not mean only the money that became the motivation of this Zodiac. Power is what you want a dragon. Zodiac Dragon is normally known just opportunists, forever searching for a way to get power. By their very nature, the dragon has a drawback that cannot accept conditions if they are in a position of being defeated.

Function as a leader is what you want the Dragon. They are also a good Warrior, knows what it takes to reach the highest level. Compete with dragons is also not a good idea? these monsters can burn! A valuable lesson to this Zodiac is the ability to accept flexibility and tolerance. The high and powerful being could inspire others, but also makes the Dragon live full fight. If Dragon can learn to balance their lives with rewards for every little thing, their lives will become more meaningful.

The most suitable partner for the Dragons is a monkey or Rat

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