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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Horse Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Horse Personality

Jan. 12,1907 25,1906 to Feb.
February 11,1918 to 31,1919 Jan.
Jan. 16,1931 30,1930 to Feb.
Jan. 15,1942 to Feb 04 1943.
February 03,1954 to 23,1955 Jan.
Jan. 21,1966 to Feb. 08,1967
February 07,1978 to 27,1979 Jan.
Jan. 14,1991 27,1990 to Feb.

Grateful to the open space, because the horse needs all the room to move. Energetic, Horse Zodiac known very nomadic, moving from one place to another. All these activities are unlikely to meet their natural desires. They are also demanding freedom and independence.

Horses in need of love and intimacy, which later became a double-edged sword because it can trap themselves. Love relationship tends to be easy to come to this Zodiac. This Zodiac tend to come to strong relationships. Usually a horse is a teaser. Oddly enough the horse usually covered by taking action against her partner, though she often becomes the center of attention in its environment.

A less patient nature of the horse can make them somewhat sensitive. They tend to take control of the situation rather than waiting for others to come by itself. The nature of his own nomadic Horse can make them excommunicated, but it also made the Zodiac the horses become stronger and that's the key to their success. They don't like routine.

Horses tend not to look too much to the big picture; Instead they are just following instinct alone, where it can harm relationships, jobs, projects and others. Zodiac also knows how to motivate others. Once they find peace in themselves, they can appreciate what they already have and the people disekelilngnya.

The most suitable partner for horses is the dog and the Tiger.

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