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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Fuk Luk Sau

You will find statues of these three Chinese Deities in most of the Chinese Homes.

Fuk, Luk Sau are the gods of wealth, high rank and longevity respectively.

The statues of these three gods are rarely worshiped.

Their presence is merely symbolic.

Their presence in the house is considered to be very auspicious and lucky.

Fuk is the god of wealth, and is taller than the other two gods. He is generally placed in the center

Luk is the god of high rank and authority.

Sau is the god of longevity,he has a round head which is almost bald

Fuk, Luk  Sau together represent the three most important types of good fortunes.

They are displayed together, and their presence is said to ensure wealth, authority, respect, long life and good health.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


There should be no obstructions outside your main door. If there is an obstructing wall or a staircase, you should alter the entrance.

There should be no mirrors in the house directly opposite the main door. Such mirrors result in reflecting back the good energy which enters the house.

Front door should not face a toilet door. Since toilet is a negative area, the good energy coming from the main door enters the toilet and gets drained away. If you have this arrangement, change the entrance of the toilet from another room or from another wall. If you cannot do this, construct a solid barrier between them.

If the toilet is very near the main door, change the entrance

Avoid 3 doors in one line. If this happens, energy flows at high speed and adversely affects the occupants of the last room. You can change the middle door to avoid this problem.

Avoid top floor flats if the water tank is above the flat. Since water at a height is considered dangerous, sleeping below it is very risky.

Keep the front door free of obstructions. Since good energy flows from the main door, any obstruction like a shoe rack will stop or reduce the flow of good energy.

Never sleep on a double bed with two separate mattresses. This is very bad according to feng shui, because sleeping on separate mattresses lead to separation. Many difficult marriages on the verge of divorce have been said to have been saved, just by correcting this problem.

Do not keep mirrors in the bedroom, especially ones facing the bed. These days, couples have a fancy of keeping mirrors not only in front of the bed, but also on the ceiling! Such mirrors create major disturbances in the marriage and may even lead to a third person entering the relationship.

Avoid sleeping in front of the door. It is important that neither the head not the feet are directly in front of the door. This reduces the life of the person and also affects his health.

Do not keep leaking taps un-repaired for long. Since water is considered wealth, leaking taps is said to drain your money.

Do not sit with an open window behind you, as it drains positive energy and causes stress. You are also at risk of being cheated.

Water and fire are opposite, so never keep the kitchen burners and the saink/water pot either adjacent to each other, or opposite to each other. Keep them away and facing different directions.

Try to have at least one meal together with your family. This enhances the relationship between the family members. Remember, a family that eats together, lives together, stays together!

It is a good idea to have a mirror reflecting the dining table. It creates an impression of double the food on the table, and proposes that the family will never lack food.

Never display pictures or paintings that depict scenes of war and violence. It leads to arguments in the family.
Avoid open book shelves; keep them covered. Open shelves create "killing breath" which is harmful to the occupants of that room.

If you have clocks, watches and other old appliances, remove them at the earliest or get them repaired. Keeping them at home or office brings bad luck.


Some of the common Feng Shui wealth activating objects to enhance and maintain wealth and prosperity are coins and toad.

A set of three coins can be tied together with a red ribbon and attached to the register in which you maintain the accounts to energize the wealth factor.

The coins can also be kept in your wallet in close contact with the currency. Alternatively you can hang the coins on the door handle of your main entrance towards the inside of the room. This will also help to attract wealth into your home or office.

The Feng shui toad is a commonly used object to implement the Feng Shui wealth tips. The toad usually comes with a Chinese coin in its mouth and should be placed near the entrance, diagonally facing the room. It symbolizes the toad bringing in wealth luck to your home.

Keeping a healthy orange plant also symbolizes luck and prosperity. The more luscious the fruits are the better it will be for Feng Shui purposes. If activating your career is connected with acquiring more wealth then you could also use some tips for that in addition to wealth enhancing tips.

A terrapin turtle kept in the northern direction is very auspicious as a protection as well as a career enhancing factor. The more active the turtle, the better will it be for your career. In place of turtle, you could also opt for goldfish which might look more appealing to you and your family.

No matter what Feng Shui wealth advice you follow and implement, it is advisable to always take the opinion and consultation of a Feng Shui expert. The tips should only be implemented under the specific guidance of a Feng Shui practitioner as wrongly implemented Feng Shui could cause you more harm so it is always better to be cautious.


The correct combination of furniture, wall paintings, art objects and extra decorative items is essential when it comes to the room we spend most of our lives in: the bedroom.

Therefore, bedroom feng shui applications provide us with the tools necessary to create a place where the stress of work and the problems of the day are left out.

Romance, good night rest and great relaxation, this is what bedroom feng shui aims at in terms of immediate accomplishments. In order to understand the importance of harmonious arrangements, simply think of how depressing and unwelcoming, an untidy, dark bedroom looks like.

Start applying the bedroom feng shui rules from the doorway.

Don't place any item of furniture behind the door as it may prevent its opening course; when the door opens, it needs to make a 90 degree-angle at least.

Anything below this value is restrictive and considered to limit the opportunities that may appear in your life. Some feng shui practitioners also suggest that you place some nice object to lay eyes one just as you enter the bedroom: this could be a painting, a picture, an interesting piece of furniture, or anything else that causes a positive response.

For decorating the bedroom feng shui art stresses only the use of relaxing colors with the particular avoidance of reds and golds.

Then, the placement of the bed is also dictated by some very serious considerations: thus, when in bed, you need to feel comfortable but in command at the same time.

This can be achieved by placing the bed in such a way so that you may see the door; however, avoid the alignment of your feet with the door, since this is the ancient Chinese "death position".

Then, another rule says there should be no sharp corners facing you in the bedroom, feng shui calls such situations "poison arrows".

"Avoid clutter" is another bedroom feng shui command. It is preferable that you don't bring work things in the bedroom such as books, documents or even the computer.

The presence of too many objects cluttered in wardrobe or drawers tends to overcloud your thinking, preventing you from being organized in other life sectors.

If you feel depressed or lethargic in the morning, have a look around and see what it is that bothers you in the bedroom.

Feng shui could then provide you much more easily with a solution, if you also use your personal sensitivity to identify the source of disharmony.

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Whatever you have in your home on the walls and in magazines on table tops can affect your emotions and your regular thought patterns.

The Feng Shui of every item plays a part in your life. A good example is a photograph of a time on holidays when you enjoyed a great and happy occasion, and you know you can recall it just with that photo. It's a great trigger for those fond memories.

All the images you hang on your walls and place on tabletops will influence you by triggering thought patterns and thus your mental outlook.

Have a look around your walls and see what's there.

Are you on your own without a relationship and does every painting or image on the wall have single people or single items such as a bird standing alone on the beach? If so, what's happening here is that the image of singles begins to reflect into your life and finding a relationship becomes harder. What you may need is to do an inventory of everything on your walls.

Be sure it's all in keeping with what you want in life and what you want to achieve.

Walk around and see what you have as a predominant theme on the walls.

Anything that's about a state of being or emotions that you want to move away from ought to come down and be stored away. Find new images that inspire you.

Find photographs that are of your happiest times with family or friends. If you want a relationship use images of things in twos. Two plants in a pot for example is two living things sharing the same space.

Make sure that the images on your walls reflect where you want to be now in life not in the lost past and not in memories of your past failures or losses.

Put up your most positive dreams and images you want in life on your walls and along with that, play the sounds in your home that inspire you.


Feng Shui for offices

Money to you may seem like a material thing, but it has many spiritual and energetic repercussions that affect all aspects of your life.

Money flows in and out of your life like the wind, touching everything as it passes by.

It is important to make sure that this wind is a healing and strengthening force, not a destructive power that causes harm. It is equally important to ensure that the wind blows constantly, at least as a breeze, and that there is never stagnant, foul air (which symbolizes stagnant finances).

Feng Shui for offices not only provides the guide lines for living harmoniously in your work environment it also tells you to how you can manage office spaces to yield prosperity.

There are some time tested office Feng Shui practices which can be used for enhancing your workplace. Practicing the following Feng Shui Tips can make office Feng Shui work for you and you would start noticing the changes.

Feng Shui tips for offices

Remove clutter

Your office must be organized and arranged efficiently.

Clutter according to Feng Shui stimulates negative Chi (energy) and should be kept to a minimum.

Remove whatever extraneous materials are lying in your office.

By clearing away the physical clutter that you have been confronting on a daily basis, you free up your mental, emotional burden and feel light, cheerful and optimistic in your reinvigorated working space.

Position of the desk

Keep your desk in the commanding position. The commanding position means a position of power, where you have a direct view of the door, a pleasant view out the window and a wall behind you for stability. This position of the desk according to the Feng Shui office offers you the maximum control.

Shape of your desk

Shape of your desk can affect your mood and level of productivity in the workplace. Rounded curves are flowing, encouraging the flow of creativity. A kidney-shaped desk follows the natural curves of the human body and is said to give you a subconscious feeling of inner alignment.

Placing the plants

Place plants in your work and help you stay connected to the natural world. Since the green color spurs creativity and new ideas it helps you to have creative element in the office. In Feng Shui practice keeping plants helps to have positive Chi flow in corners which other wise are neglected spaces devoid of any energy. Green plants also act as a filtering system, reducing toxins and circulating stagnant air.

Choosing the correct light

The best light is natural daylight, so move your desk close to a window but never have your desk directly in front of window or fluorescent lights which cast a glare, causing eyestrain and exhaustion. You may improve your mood and energy dramatically by replacing fluorescent lights with warm lights that don’t cast a glare.

Use of Feng Shui colors

Making use of Feng Shui Colors can help you achieve balance in your office. Different colors have different properties some colors can help people feel grounded and secure. Blues, purples or reds are supposed to enhance the wealth and prosperity area of your office.

Office Feng Shui and bagua

A Bagua map can help you to make your office a “Feng Shui-friendly” environment.

Bagua can help you in placing objects or placement of furniture in your office in areas which in Feng Shui are said to stimulate your discipline, prosperity and creativity.

Once you determine the connections between various spaces in your office and 8 different guas of the bagua map, you start to develop a much stronger sense of purpose and focus about the changes you would like to implement in your life.

You can make use of Feng Shui Elements for creating a balance between yin and yang energies.

According to Feng Shui for offices you can have:

• Your desk and computer in the “career” area
• Reference books in the “knowledge” and “self-cultivation” areas
• A crystal bowl in “wealth and prosperity”
• You can have reception, phone systems/communication system in area marked for helpful people.
• You can have a picture of your father or other relatives in the family area if you have an inherited business.

Feng Shui and home office

The tips mentioned above can also be applied to your home office. But if not possible you can at least take care to change your home office to a Feng Shui office.

For example if your home office is full of creative and dream-inducing objects, get rid of some of them and introduce more logical, work-oriented elements that will help you get right down to business.

Or if your home office is like the other rooms of your office it is having beige or white curtains can be dramatically improved—and the energy invigorated—by using the guide lines of Feng Shui for offices.

Something as simple as adding a tall red vase on the floor or atop a table or windowsill can help you have more yin energy.

An impersonal office space can become suddenly personalized and imbued with character when you hang a print of your favorite painting on the wall.

A stale room will be immediately freshened when you light a scented candle in an aroma you find particularly pleasing.

Adding a sturdy brown desk to the home office where bills are paid promotes practicality in a person who used to be a spendthrift.

These are just an introduction to some of the Feng Shui practices.

You can have a number of Feng Shui design ideas for your office or home office to increase the balance and harmony.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dragon Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dragon Personality

Feb. 03,1905 16,1904 to Feb.
February 03,1916 to 22,1917 Jan.
Jan. 09,1929 23,1928 to Feb.
February 08,1940 to 26,1941 Jan.
Jan. 13,1953 27,1952 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1965 13,1964 to Feb.
Jan. 17,1977 31,1976 to Feb.
Feb. 17,1988 to Feb. 05,1989

The Dragon is one of the strongest and most fortunate Zodiac in Chinese Astrology or the zodiac. This is the Zodiac who likes to give smart and headstrong, who know what they want and how to achieve their desires. The dragon has some natural properties, attractive charisma that made sure they would be able to persuade or influence spouses and also often find them in the center of attention at any social situation. It is also very blessed; Dragons are usually known to be very lucky to love problem. Friends of the Dragon biasanaya very much like to hear what the want to talk about the Dragon and in providing advice or opinion, the Dragon who can grab attention.

The Ego is very high, but the Dragon Zodiac owned Zodiac is known can provide the motivation for his followers. According to legends Dragon, is the nature of their natural-born to lead the way. Because they are lucky, usually a dragon has a good chance of grabbing the material can be mensejahterahkan throughout their lives, although that does not mean only the money that became the motivation of this Zodiac. Power is what you want a dragon. Zodiac Dragon is normally known just opportunists, forever searching for a way to get power. By their very nature, the dragon has a drawback that cannot accept conditions if they are in a position of being defeated.

Function as a leader is what you want the Dragon. They are also a good Warrior, knows what it takes to reach the highest level. Compete with dragons is also not a good idea? these monsters can burn! A valuable lesson to this Zodiac is the ability to accept flexibility and tolerance. The high and powerful being could inspire others, but also makes the Dragon live full fight. If Dragon can learn to balance their lives with rewards for every little thing, their lives will become more meaningful.

The most suitable partner for the Dragons is a monkey or Rat

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Snake Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Snake Personality

February 04,1905 to 24,1906 Jan.
Jan. 10,1918 23,1917 to Feb.
February 10,1929 to 29,1930 Jan.
Jan. 14,1942 27,1941 to Feb.
Feb. 02,1954 14,1953 to Feb.
Feb. 02,1965 to 20,1966 Jan.
Feb. 18,1977 to Feb. 06,1978
Feb. 06,1989 to Jan 26,1990.

Popular and diplomatically, the snake has a sensual art for deceiving the enemy. This Zodiac has an interesting combination of flavors and a social introvert, intuition and the ability to do business. Snakes are usually very lucky with money and will usually have a maximum life, no matter how he looked at the money; This may be due to the fact that Snakes tend to be careful to use the money. They are more active mentally than physically. Snakes often delaying everything to analyze before entering into everything. They attract and teasers; This Zodiac love to spend all day to read a book and then it's often misconstrued interpret as a Slacker,

Snakes often feel insecure in themselves and tend to be more pencemburu, a possessive lover and can ruin their relationship. The Snake is also known for generous lover, and loved with all my heart. A little dangerous and clever, the philosophy of snakes and intuisinya in general are more controlled than logic in terms of feeling and instinct. The snake will rely by herself before seeking the advice of others. This makes this Zodiac successfully in all business opportunities, carefully and think with much needed to get started.

The Snake is a hard worker (although they did not look like it) and very smart. Snakes have good instincts, so they start something they will succeed. Therefore, colleagues and their employees need to follow the direction of the snake if it doesn't want to deal with him!

In General, the Snake is gentle, generous and fun. Snakes need to learn to be humble and build yourself. So the snake aware trust in themselves, they will be comfortable with herself

The best pair for the Snake is chicken or buffalo.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Horse Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Horse Personality

Jan. 12,1907 25,1906 to Feb.
February 11,1918 to 31,1919 Jan.
Jan. 16,1931 30,1930 to Feb.
Jan. 15,1942 to Feb 04 1943.
February 03,1954 to 23,1955 Jan.
Jan. 21,1966 to Feb. 08,1967
February 07,1978 to 27,1979 Jan.
Jan. 14,1991 27,1990 to Feb.

Grateful to the open space, because the horse needs all the room to move. Energetic, Horse Zodiac known very nomadic, moving from one place to another. All these activities are unlikely to meet their natural desires. They are also demanding freedom and independence.

Horses in need of love and intimacy, which later became a double-edged sword because it can trap themselves. Love relationship tends to be easy to come to this Zodiac. This Zodiac tend to come to strong relationships. Usually a horse is a teaser. Oddly enough the horse usually covered by taking action against her partner, though she often becomes the center of attention in its environment.

A less patient nature of the horse can make them somewhat sensitive. They tend to take control of the situation rather than waiting for others to come by itself. The nature of his own nomadic Horse can make them excommunicated, but it also made the Zodiac the horses become stronger and that's the key to their success. They don't like routine.

Horses tend not to look too much to the big picture; Instead they are just following instinct alone, where it can harm relationships, jobs, projects and others. Zodiac also knows how to motivate others. Once they find peace in themselves, they can appreciate what they already have and the people disekelilngnya.

The most suitable partner for horses is the dog and the Tiger.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dog Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dog Personality

February 10,1910 to 29,1911 Jan.
Jan. 28,1922 to Feb 13,1923.
Feb. 03,1935 14,1934 to Feb.
February 02,1946 to 21,1947 Jan.
Feb. 07,1959 18,1958 to Feb.
February 06,1970 to 26,1971 Jan.
Jan. 25,1982 to Feb. 12,1983
Feb. 10,1994 to January 30,1995

In the Western world, dogs are known as man's best friend, but in this Chinese  Zodiac Astrology a little unpredictability in General. Those who born in the Zodiac are usually loyal, trustworthy and honest and always adhere to the rules. However, Dog Zodiac bit hard in the trust of others. They are generally more trusting yourself except lie to goodness, Zodiac Dog usually says what it is in order to avoid problems later on. Zodiac Dog can become amazing friends, keeping secrets and loyal (apart from white lies) and a good listener. This year is likely to be the source of those not accounted for. Chinese Zodiac / Shio life principles are usually the dogs live with the true, search little people who need help and struggling against injustice whenever possible.

A dog can be a bit opinionated as well. They rarely get along in social life, instead they menjuju direct to home, just hanging out on a topic that is considered important for them. This time the Dog Zodiac narrow-minded or stubborn can appear; Zodiac is difficult to remain calm and think clearly if there is an issue that comes along. This Zodiac can also be a very temperamenl life emotional problems often fickle and often aloof to resolve the problem. Part of the problem is the result of this Zodiac against unreasonable fears in the sense which makes curiosity. Those in the Zodiac which is sensitive to this need to keep relations towards others and trust them slowly. Without a foundation of trust, Zodiac Dog can be a bad judge of others.

Dog Zodiac nature make them a tremendous personal music entrepreneur, someone who can arrange everything, nature to regulate motivation from others. On the subject of love, dogs usually takes a long time to find the right people. They can be very curious so that even makes her partner is distracted. In all forums, Zodiac is most glad if can be physically active; be it at home or in the Office, the dog will always make new things or clean up everything to make things better. Zodiac dog needs to work to control their worries, which usually affects people even their loved ones.

The most suitable partner for dogs is a Tiger or a horse.

The Origin Of 12 Chinese Zodiac

Shio is the chinese zodiac animal signs that represent the 12-year cycle to indicate the year. They represent the concept of cycle time, unlike the western concept of time represented by the stars. Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on cycles of the moon, and is built in a format different from the Western calendar is based on the sun. In the Chinese calendar, the beginning of the year begins between late January and early February. China adopted the Western calendar since 1911, although the lunar calendar (based on the month) is still used for events such as the festival of Chinese New Year or known by the Chinese. Many Chinese calendars including circulating in Indonesia scored two good versions of the calendars are based on the Chinese calendar based on the sun and the moon.

In America, every year is marked by the birth of Jesus Christ, for example, 1998 means 1,998 years after the birth of Christ. This represents a linear perception of time, where time proceeds in a straight line from the past present and future. In traditional Chinese custom, dating method is based on a cycle, the cycle mean something to happen based on the cycle time. Popular folk method where we can see this cycle is a method of recording years into Twelve Animal Signs. Every year on the mark with the name of the beast or the "zodiac" in accordance with the spin cycle: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Therefore, every twelve years the same animal or zodiac will appear.

Zodiac animals also indicates a useful social function for finding out the age of a person. Instead of asking how old someone, often people just ask what the person's zodiac. This will put the person in a cycle of 12 years, and with a little common sense, we can calculate the age of the person.

According to traditional Chinese legend, the twelve animals gathered in a day to determine who becomes the leader in pertahunan cycle. Creator made ​​the contest: whoever can cross the river will be the first turn, and the rest will follow in accordance with the order of their arrival.

At the beginning of the twelve animals gathered in it, including the cat. Cats tell the news to his friend the Rat, and they agreed to go together the next day. However, as the day when the contest started Rats do not wake Cats, who as a cat happy to sleep all day. Then the cat did not follow the race and was not included in the annual cycle of the zodiac.

At the time of the competencies, resourceful rats riding on the buffalo were strong and brave to cross the river. When the buffalo had to leap to the other bank of the river, without the knowledge of Buffalo, the rat jumped from the back of the buffalo, and made him the winner of the contest. The last animal is an animal that is lazy lazy pig, therefore rat is the first year of the zodiac cycle, and topped off by a pig without a cat in the zodiac cycle of twelve years. And therefore also, according to legend, the animosity between cats with mice began and still continues today.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rats (Mouse) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rats (Mouse) Personality

Jan. 19,1901 31,1900 to Feb.
Feb. 06,1913 18,1912 to Feb.
February 05,1924 to 24,1925 Jan.
Jan. 10,1937 24,1936 to Feb.
Feb. 14,1949 10,1948 to Feb.
Jan. 14,1961 28,1960 to Feb.
Jan. 02,1973 16,1972 to Feb.
Feb. 02,1984 to Feb 19,1985.

Although Rats are known as carriers of the disease, the animal was completely different when compared in China. China is known as a good entertainer and his ability to dig and maintain the existing values; The rat is known as a symbol of luck and prosperity in China and Japan. Smart and quick motion, the rat Zodiac is very remarkable. Very nice, love the flavor of this Zodiac always exalt him every chance. Is the nature of natural fun and poignant, funny and being a good friend to everyone. Rats love to wonder who becomes his friend and will treat all of the loyal friends with protection and outstanding generosity.

Behind the smiles and sweetness, rats often have an agenda of her own. This zodiac was motivated by self-interest, which often times if related to money; gluttony became a major problem if the mice are not careful to keep his priority. This Zodiac nature fun and persuasive can come in handy! Rats are very generous to the gang as friends or family who have proven his loyalty. Others may consider them easy tempered and sharp mouthed. Verbal satisfaction means a lot to the rats, the Zodiac is easily known to others in love or loathed.

Rats often like to see from the outside, because from there she could see how the workings of a system or situation. Mice are always looking for new knowledge to be stored or disposed of. The Zodiac forever curious also invite challengers who want to compete with him. The Rats also know how to pleasure yourself.

A valuable lesson for the Rats is to learn to consider others above all else. If they can improve themselves and realize the value to make room for others, rats will find true happiness.

Most suitable couples for Rats Are a Dragon or monkey.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Ox (Buffalo) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Ox (Buffalo) Personality

Feb. 07,1902 19,1901 to Feb.
February 06,1913 to 25,1914 Jan.
Jan. 12,1926 25,1925 to Feb.
February 11,1937 to 30,1938 Jan.
Jan. 16,1950 29,1949 to Feb.
Feb. 04,1962 15,1961 to Feb.
February 03,1973 to 22,1974 Jan.
Feb. 08,1986 20,1985 to Feb.

The Chinese zodiac is not Buffalo Bull. Dedicated and solid, these powerful Zodiac is born as a leader, depends very much to achieve and have the ability to achieve extraordinary things. Buffalo metodikal and tends to be very slow; they approached the project with step by step according to their best, and they never lost their focus towards the goal. They are workers who do not know a very weary of the attention to minutiae and believed to initiate everything correctly.

The world might assume a Buffalo as people are too serious or can't afford to relax. They are indeed a bit less social in nature and tend to be introvert in a crowd. That worsens the longer, they're not worried about what people said to him and prefers to do what it did best mereke. Despite the peace of it, life as a Buffalo can feel depressed, lonely and not able to relate well with others. Family and friends are the best sources to compose the Buffalo, although they do not understand how to make the quiet Buffalo. As lovers, friends, family, Buffalo became a friend of compassionate, very frank Burton Cheyne protect and can be trusted.

Outside world, Buffalo tend to be stubborn, opinionated, the kind of person who chooses his own path which does not know the concept to budge.Buffaloes don't care if pressed, because they assume they are the best in the Chinese zodiac. There is the truth of this theory, because the Buffalo are very clever, trustworthy, caring and respect. If you need honesty, unruly and advice that opens, look for the Buffaloes.

The best lesson for the excellent Buffalo is to fight beat nature that makes them unable to close with others. If they can learn to appreciate the quality of themselves, they will have room in the hearts of others.

The Best pairs matching for Ox are a snake or chicken.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Rabbit (Bunny)

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Rabbit 

Jan. 15,1904 29,1903 to Feb.
Feb. 16,1916 14,1915 to Feb.
February 02,1927 to 22,1928 Jan.
Feb. 07,1940 19,1939 to Feb.
February 06,1951 to 26,1952 Jan.
Jan. to Feb. 12,1964 25,1963
February 11,1975 to 30,1976 Jan.
Jan. 16,1988 29,1987 to Feb.

Attractive, shy and Zodiac Rabbit tend to behave like bunnies, love or not! This very popular and Zodiac has a great family and friends. Complementing his instincts were to protect a cherished person, in relation to any romance, rabbits always have the idelistik of the relationship. Rabbits are sensitive and sweet often end up by giving more to partners regardless of reality or health. The good news is, if your Rabbit is not balanced, their friends will support and restore the balance of his life.

Rabbits are fragile Zodiac who need a strong foundation to fight. Without friends or family support, rabbits can fail and disappointed for any conflicts that occur. A sense of sadness that a Rabbit can also cause disease. Rabbits dislike arguments and other conflicts and will try anything to avoid a fight; the result is they've always felt marginalized. Rabbits can also be pessimistic and look did not develop his life often hides his weaknesses. Rabbits tend to move through life's own learning; that is often a waste of time because the Zodiac is not interested in dealing with the problem and resolve it.

With the right partner means a person who has a high principle that no one is taking advantage of these sensitive Zodiac. Rabbits can be a good lover and colleague who protect. Rabbits love to entertain at home and always ensure their comfortable home. What is required is a Rabbit to appreciate yourself and certainly a sense of security will come.

The most suitable partner for Rabbits is a goat and pig.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Tiger Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Zodiac Tiger Personality

February 08,1902 to 28,1903 Jan.
Jan. 13,1915 26,1914 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1927 13,1926 to Feb.
Jan. 31,1938 Feb. 18,1939 to
Feb. 05,1951 17,1950 to Feb.
Feb. 05,1962 to 24,1963 Jan.
Jan. 10,1975 23,1974 to Feb.
Jan. 09,1986 to Jan 28,1987.

Tiger may not be the King of the jungle, but this Cat  is not very soft! The center of attention and self-serving, Tiger is born as a leader. They have the authority to admonish others to follow her way. Although they are fun and likes to hang out, Tigers sometimes aloof as well. The main interests of the Tiger is to follow his ambition and keep in order to keep control.

A very bold when compared to the other and usually win the game, be it in the field of employment or the Affairs of the bed. Guile is one of the hallmarks of the Tigers. Noble and warm hearted, Tiger has attraction for other Zodiac. Not just because of the attraction, often fighting for the good of the Tigers if the result is useful. Opponents should be wary of Zodiac this one.

A little caution is a good thing for the Tigers, as they can scratch without prior warning. They are very moody and often feel uptight compared to another. They may act badly if in a State of distress and easy once angry without controlling emotions. Reprimand of this Zodiac can make a run for either friends or enemies.

A lesson for Tiger is keeping everything in order not to get too extreme. So this cat can search center and affect their energy, they can accomplish many things.

The most suitable partner for Tiger are a horse or a dog.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Monkey Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Monkey Personality

February 02,1908 to 21,1909 Jan.
Feb. 07,1921 20,1920 to Feb.
February 06,1932 to 25,1933 Jan.
Jan. 25,1944 to Feb. 12,1945
Feb. 12,1956 to 30,1957 Jan.
Jan. 16,1969 30,1968 to Feb.
Feb. 04,1981 16,1980 to Feb.
February 22,1993 04,1992 to Jan.

Famous animals like monkey party! Fun and energetic, Zodiac Monkeys are able to create fun, activity and teasing. They really know how to get the time happy and can be seen moving from one group of friends to another group, caught the attention of many people. Always the spirit, they are considered celebrities in its environment due to the high sense of humor and a keen mind. Surprisingly, even Zodiac Monkey is also a good listener and able to cope with difficult situations. This is Zodiac nature keingin informed that cause them to become extremely know many things in different topic. The Monkey has the side prides itself with its own way draw attention to colleagues through what they know.

Monkeys tend to be vulnerable to accidents due to lack of consideration in a variety of ways. The main interest of this Zodiac is pursuing his own pleasure; This is not a bad thing it's just that this is the nature of the monkeys. However, a less cautious stance from monkeys can carry them to a variety of problems. In romance, Monkey creates fun, fascinating lovers? but it in fact can eliminate a romantic atmosphere. The good news is, the attitude and sense of humor of the Monkeys can keep Monkeys from the problem. Maybe not everybody will always win with a monkey? but whether Monkeys really matter? The Monkey World, full of energy and it is not for everyone. Remember, this does not mean a cruel Zodiac; but they are just a bit curious for their own good. Monkey always felt need to try everything at least once.

Monkey also love yourself that can take them to a variety of problems. Zodiac it may have limitations to control themselves against food, and other fun activities alkhol. Is the time partying at any time for the monkeys, but despite a bothersome when the Monkeys know how to touch the hearts of the people. They are also not afraid to admit their mistakes, but at least they try to retreat and hide everything? for a while.

The monkeys must learn to think of someone other than himself, at least for some time. This will be increasingly sio world complete if they realize that the world does not revolve around them.

The most suitable partner for monkey is a rat and a dragon.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rooster (Chicken) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Rooster (Chicken) Personality

Jan. 09,1910 22,1909 to Feb.
February 08,1921 to 27,1922 Jan.
Jan. 13,1934 26,1933 to Feb.
Feb. 01,1946 13,1945 to Feb.
Jan. 17,1958 31,1957 to Feb.
Feb. 17,1969 to Feb. 05,1970
Feb. 05,1981 to 24,1982 Jan.
Jan. 09,1994 23,1993 to Feb.

Rooster is a fast thinker who is very practical and very rich in knowledge, tend to choose the focus to what is already a try rather than take risks that are not required. Rooster is usually good observers. It is very difficult to escape the attention of Roosters, because they have eyes on the back of his head! This quality can make Rooster considered paranormal, but the truth is not like that; Instead, the Zodiac is glad to pay attention to details that make him a strong analysis. The Rooster was very fit to be a lawyer, pembedah brain (?) and accountant. Beyond all that, the Rooster was very open and appreciate the honesty of others.

The Rooster was not suspicious and has no interest to hide his ugliness. Their books are open, said kebeneran and keep your Word. If you help them, they will be saluted for it. The nature of this belief can make a swindler tricked the Rooster, but really it's not a good idea. Remember, the Zodiac is always opened his eyes at all times.

The Rooster also tend to be very perfectionist and expect holds control, especially terhadpa their appearance. Argued with Poultry could be a very long time. Get noticed and admired becomes a dream for Roosters, and they can wait a long time to get this recognition. Hen also liked to go out of town, especially if they are in the group who liked her Rooster so pay attention to appearance. regardless of the costs to be incurred.

The Rooster also expect control of surrounding areas, including anyone that. The Rooster will keep the House clean and expect lovers, spouses and family members for maintaining neatness and well-behaved. This can be a problem for others. The Rooster needs to get the right colleagues, people who understand the nature of this Zodiac. With the right people, the Rooster will be very loyal, trusting and supportive of her lover.

Rooster need to learn to appreciate the heart and soul of them including their appearance. They are very clever and has a keen mind make them valued. This Zodiac will also do my best to learn to adopt the philosophy of "live and let live"; Perhaps the same logic that the Roosters are inefficient to spend disrupting other people will help the Chicks learn to be yourself.

The most suitable partner for the Rooster is  OX (Buffalo) and snake.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Pig Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Pig Personality

Jan. 17,1912 30,1911 to Feb.
Feb. 04,1924 16,1923 to Feb.
February 04,1935 to 23,1936 Jan.
Jan. 09,1948 22,1947 to Feb.
February 08,1959 to 27,1960 Jan.
Jan. 27,1971 to Jan 15,1972.
Feb. 13,1983 to Feb. 01,1984
Jan. to Feb. 31,1995 18,1996

In contrast to the known bad reputation in the west, pigs in the Chinese zodiac is the most generous and most respected compare to all of Chinese zodiac. Pigs are very good and have an attitude and a good flavour. They have an awful lot of nature perfectionist in themselves so they are regarded as a bully. Pigs are very obsessed with glamour, and wealth (including surrounding areas IE food, romance etc.). This Zodiac believes the best quality of humanity and certainly do not consider themselves as arrogant. Pigs are also paying attention to friends and family and worked hard to keep everyone happy in his life. Helping others is the main pleasure of the pig, which feels best if everyone is smiling.

The natural properties of the Pig will be very sad if there is no one around who appreciate it. The Pig was also very generous they can appear as one who has the nature of angels; This can lead them to people who are less good, and the bad news is the pig will take risks! Pigs become amazing friends because they refuse to see the bad side of a relationship, but it can make others take advantage of the pig. In contrast to what is already described, the pig can also be very cruel if the Were Feeling Used, especially in the areas of love, friendship or business associates.

The pig is usually a very clever individual, love to learn, play and continue to seek knowledge even further. They can be thought lazy people, because of their love of a good thing, Pig Zodiac was also very happy to spend the time to Have Sex, Sleep, and bath in a long time. Pig tends to be a good life partners because their hearts gold and love their to the family. However, they can be very exclusive, find an empty time to those who appreciate them and ignore the others. Pigs will realize their lives would be in need if they open themselves to many different types of people, they will thrive.
The most suitable partner for Pig are rabbits and goats.

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Sheep (Goat) Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Sheep (Goat) Personality

Feb.13,1907 to Feb.01,1908
Feb.01,1919 to Feb.19,1920
Feb.17,1931 to Feb.05,1932
Jan.05,1943 to Jan.24,1944
Jan.24,1955 to Feb.11,1956
Feb.09,1967 to Jan.28,1968
Jan.28,1979 to Feb.15,1980
Feb.15,1991 to Feb.03,1992

Dreaming of the day is a favorite thing for Sheep. This Creative and mysterious zodiac requires a lot of time in solitude to think. Sheeps are generally most comfortable in their own thinking. Sheep is suitable engaged in the arts. Sheeps tend to be less organized and not too materialistic in general, finding richness in their imagination. However, it grows in love, the Sheep can be generous in giving gifts.

Perhaps the artistic temperament which often causes Sheeps to feel insecure, they really need to be loved and recognized. For this reason, the Sheep has a difficulty in terms of romance; everyone who has a pair Sheeps need to know, this Sign has a sensitive thing and can become very curious about things that are not fair. Sheeps need lots of love, support and openness of the partner. If the relationship is marked by conflict, the Sheep is usually backwards? either physically or just escape to return imagination.

If the problem goes well love, Sheeps do not hesitate to tell their partner? and they can be really serious about it. Shio is certainly going to provide relief, however; Sheeps usually have the luxury of a high side. Appearance is also very important for the Sheeps, which also may explain why mereak can spend time in makeup.

Sheeps can be controlled by learning to relax and let things go from time to time. Once they are convinced that their beloved friend and do not leave them, they will leave the day-to-day dreams.

Couples are most suitable Pig or Rabbit.

Complete 12 Sign Comparison Chinese Zodiac / Shio - RATS
You are imaginative, charming, and truly generous to the person you love. However, you tend to be short-tempered and overly critical. You are also known for being opportunistic. Born under this sign, you should be happy in sales or as a writer, critic, or publicist.

Rats Born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008. BUFFALO 
A born leader, you inspire those around you. You are conservative methodical, and good with your hands. Extremely expect everything to go according to your choice. Shio buffalo will be very successful as a doctor, general, or hairdresser.
Buffalo Born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009. - TIGER
You are sensitive, emotional and capable of great love. However, you have a tendency to get carried away and be stubborn about what you think is right; better known as a rebel. Sign shows you would be excellent as a boss, explorer, driver, or matador.

Tiger Born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010. - RABBIT
You are a good person, very obedient and fun. You have a tendency to be sentimental. Being careful and konseratif, you are successful in business and also a lawyer, diplomat, or actor

Rabbit Born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011. - Dragons
Full of vitality and enthusiasm, the Dragon is a popular individual even with a bad reputation and a "big mouth". You are intelligent, talented and a perfectionist but these qualities make you unduly demanding on you. You would be well suited as an artist, priest, or politician.

Dragon Born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000. - SNAKE
Rich in wisdom and charm, you are romantic and deep thinking and your intuition guides you strongly. Avoid stingy attitude towards money. Keep your sense of humor about life. Snake would be as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, and fortune teller.

Snake Born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001. - HORSE
The capacity of the hard work you was amazing. You are an independent person. While intelligent and friendly, you have to be selfish and sharp and should guard against being egotistical. Your sign suggests success as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician.

Horse Born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954.1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014. GOAT
In addition to often feel embarrassed in front of other people,
Sheep Zodiac can be a wonderful companion. Your are elegant and artistic but the first to complain about anything. Put aside your pessimism and worry and try to be less dependent on material comforts. You would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.Sheep Born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 ... - MONKEYs
You are very clever, because the nature of your extraordinary and interesting personality, you are highly favored. Monkey, however, must guard against being an opportunist and distrustful of other people. Your sign promises success in any field you try.
Monkey Born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 ... - CHICKEN 
Chicken is a hard worker; decisive rarely expressed pemikiranya. Because of this, you tend to seem boastful to others. You are a dreamer, flashy dresser, and extravagant. Born under this sign you may be happy to be a restaurant owner, publisher, soldiers or tourists.

Rooster Born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 ... - DOGs 
Dogs never disappoint you. Born under this sign you are honest, and faithful to those you love. You're always worried, sharp words and tend to look for errors. You would make an excellent businessman, activist, teacher, or secret agent.

DOG Born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 ... - PIGs
ou are a good friend, an intellectual with a strong need to achieve any goal. You are very kind, tolerant, and honest but by expecting the same from others, you are incredibly naive. Your search can be a failure of the material. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or a lawyer.

Pig Born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 ......

Monday, February 8, 2016

Vanity 800 Numbers are Important for Every Business

Vanity 800 numbers personalize your identity and create a memorable, distinctive and customized business number for you. Businesses that use vanity numbers enjoy a special edge because they are easily recognized. If you wish to promote your business in a way that is smarter, simpler and yet have wider access you should use vanity numbers. 

One of the quickest and coolest ways to brand your business is to sign up for a phone number that can be remembered easily and at the same time provides you an easy way of communication with your customers. Most of the businesses are now catching up with the fact that 800 numbers and especially vanity 800 numbers can be the game-changer of your business.

Marketing Tool
Vanity numbers are alphanumeric numbers that contain a word or a phrase related to your business. These are real phone numbers with some smart features. Vanity 800 numbers are especially successful in marketing and promotional efforts.  Remembering a 10 digits number can be difficult. But if that number contains the name of your business, product or service - isn’t that easy to remember? A vanity number exactly does this. Suppose you have a popcorn business and you want to do a promotional campaign for your business. You can use a vanity number like: 1 800 POPCORNS. This acts as a branding for your business at the same time providing your customers the smartest way to reach you.

Maintain Your Privacy
 Using a vanity number on your virtual phone system can definitely give your business an extra edge. Though relevant for all businesses it becomes particularly important for a small business or a start-up to establish a relationship with their customers and a vanity number is a great device that helps you create and maintain this. You can advertise your vanity 800 numbers and your customers will call you on that number. This helps you to maintain the privacy of your number and at the same time attracts customer’s queries. Since this is a toll free number, your customers know that they are not going to pay anything for calling you. So expect more queries from them!

New Prefix for Vanity Number
With the rise in the demand for toll free numbers there has been a scarcity of the popular toll free prefix – 800. So, there has emerged a new set of toll free prefixes – 888, 877, 866, and 855. These are also used with vanity numbers and sequential vanity number. So the prefix of a vanity number is no longer limited to 800. It can be 888, 877, 866 and also 855. Today vanity 800 numbers need to be identified by its character and not only by its prefix.

Create Unique Vanity Numbers
With the popularity of the vanity numbers there has been another difficulty.  You can have trouble finding the vanity number of your choice because some other business might have already used the number. But it is always better to brainstorm and find a unique vanity number relevant to your business rather than using a generic number. For example, if you are a real estate professional and find 1 888 BUY A HOME already used by some other realtor then you can use a number like 1888 BEST HOME.

How to Order Authentic Chinese Food: General Who? - Chinese People Don't Order Chinese Take Out

All Chinese people know that Chinese Takeout is not real Chinese food. My parents have never tried General Tso's Chicken, Chop Suey or Crab Rangoon. Chinese takeout restaurants serve cuisine that caters to Americans and differs drastically from authentic Chinese cuisine. Chinese people, unless they are americanized, rarely order from these takeout joints. They don't consider the food at these places Chinese food and in most urban areas, they can buy real Chinese food for less than what they would pay at these "fake" Chinese restaurants. Most Chinese would rather eat street vendor food than order from Chinese takeout. What is interesting is that most Americans when referring to Chinese cuisine would most often be talking about Chinese takeout food. There is a gap between what they perceive as real Chinese food and what real Chinese food really is. They are not aware of the huge differences between food you would get at Panda Express and food you get at a real Chinese restaurant.

Here are some main differences between American Chinese Takeout and Real Chinese Takeout:
  • Americans Chinese foods tend to be cooked very quickly with a lot of oil and salt. Frying seems to be the most prevalent cooking technique and MSG is usually a signature of most American Chinese takeout places. Authentic Chinese food tends to be prepared in a variety of ways from steaming to broiling to stir frying. These methods usually require longer cooking times and also fresher foods.
  • Vegetables are emphasized as a dish on its own at real Chinese restaurants where as most American Chinese takeout places use vegetables as garnish.
  • Menus are written bilingually at authentic restaurants whereas American Chinese takeout places usually only have menus in English (since there is no need to cater to Chinese people because they don't patronize such restaurants). American Chinese takeout menus also have "Lunch Specials" which would look absurd on a bilingual menu at a real Chinese restaurant.
  • When entering a real Chinese takeout place, there is usually a butcher that cuts up cooked meats (roast pork, spare ribs, roast duck, etc.) to order. At an American Chinese takeout place, you will see a counter with a large overhead billboard containing pictures of popular dishes such as Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Foo Young, etc.
  • Real Chinese restaurants don't serve fortune cookies nor do they give deep fried "noodles" (the ones that look like fried strips served with egg drop soup) unless you are American.
A sure fire way to test whether or not the Chinese restaurant you patronize is authentic or not, just order Beef with Broccoli. If the broccoli is western, you are at an American Chinese restaurant. If it is Chinese broccoli (Gai-Laan), then you know you're eating at an authentic Chinese restaurant with most likely bilingual menus and oranges awaiting you at the end of your meal.

Some popular authentic Chinese takeout dishes over rice are (I have included Cantonese phonetics if you want to try to order in Chinese) : Spare ribs with black bean sauce (See Jup Pai Kwut Faan), Triple Delight (Roast Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken and Egg) (Saam Bo Faan), Peking Style pork chop (Ging Doe Kwut Faan), Singapore (Amoy) Chow Mei Fun (How Moon Chow Mei), Shrimp with Egg Sauce (Waat Daan Ha Yun Faan) and Satay Beef (Sa Deh Auh Yook Faan).

Feel free to expand the list of authentic Chinese takeout dishes in the comments section.

Secret Tip: Most authentic restaurants have two dine-in menus - One for Chinese people and one for foreigners. The foreigner menus are usually slightly more expensive and exclude some delicacies (liver) that westerners may find unappetizing. Only way around it is to find a fluent speaking Chinese person to go with you.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Chinese People are Skinny

This is more the rule than the exception!

In addition to being good at math, Chinese people and others of Asian descent are also known to be skinny. I have compiled here the Top Ten reasons why I believe Chinese people are skinny along with pictures.

Please feel free to comment!

Top Ten Reasons Why Chinese People are Skinny

Clean and Healthy
1. The average traditional Chinese person eats mainly vegetables, fruits and rice/noodles. They also eat a lot of fish and does not eat much red meat.

2. Chinese food is usually prepared steamed, boiled or stir fried. Never deep-fried unless you go to a Westernized Chinese Take-Out place.    
3. Chinese people have less exposure to sugar - the traditional breakfast is usually rice porridge or noodles not cereals or pancakes that can contain a lot of sugar. Also Chinese people drink a lot of tea as opposed to juices/soda.

Everyone for themselves

4. Chinese people almost always eat family style (sharing of dishes). This pressures them to save some for others and gives them a variety of both healthy and not as healthy foods.

5. Chopsticks - you can only fit so much between those 2 skinny sticks (like Jerry Seinfeld said "Which is more efficient - Pool Cues or a Shovel?". Same goes for the small rice bowl.

We don't need Gym Membership
6. Physically Active - Check out any park around 6am and I'm sure you'll find Chinese people doing Tai Chi or some form of exercise.

7. There is social pressure to stay skinny. Chinese people can be ruthless when talking about the obese especially for Chinese women. Mothers also tend to be tough on their "fat" daughters. 

The Exception!
8. Genes - Who knows, I guess it's possible (but there is always the exception as well)

9. China use to be and is still in some areas very poor so there are no opportunities to overeat. Also when you are poor, meat is a luxury.
You thought your commute was bad

10. Chinese people work hard and we pretty much walk or bike everywhere. Cars only recently came into play in China and many families still do not have access to a car. 

As China is becoming more and more wealthy and Westernized (foods, snacks and lifestyles), it seems that many of these reasons will no longer be valid and I believe we will see a rise in the obesity rate of the Chinese population along with the health problems that come along with it. 

perhaps it has already begun...

The Surprising Truth about Chinese New Year - The US vs. China

We are fast approaching the Chinese New Year holiday for 2011 (February 3, 2011). This year is the year of the Rabbit. I have been lucky enough to spend Chinese New Year in both the United States and China and they are like two different holidays.

For those of you who were born or raised in the US ( I can't speak for other non-Chinese countries), Chinese New Year is one of those elusive holidays where you have no idea when it is until your parents tell you. Usually is involves just dinner at home with family and the most exciting part for the younger generation is the red envelopes (利是"lai see" in Cantonese). For those who don't know what a red envelope is, basically it is just a red envelope (pardon the obvious) that contains money. I will get into more details in a later post. We don't even get a day off for Chinese New Year unless you work for a Chinese owned company. If you live near a Chinatown, you may be lucky enough to join in some of the festivities (parades, lion dancing and fireworks)

In stark contrast, Chinese New Year is by far the biggest and most important holiday in China. Almost everyone gets about 10 days off, some even take extended holidays. Due to the migrant worker situation in China, this is the holiday where everyone makes their annual trek back to there hometown (老家 "lao jia" in Mandarin, "herng ha" in Cantonese). The traditional celebration is very festive. Everyone (I mean everyone) in the family gets together for a huge dinner on Chinese New Year's eve which takes days to prepare for and the full day to cook. Then at night, everyone watches the CCTV New Year's Gala (中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会) which features performances ranging from acrobatics to comedic skits (more details in another post). At midnight, the sky is lit up with fireworks and practically the whole city (I experienced New Year's in Beijing) seems like it's at war. After midnight, people get together an make dumplings, play cards and just hang out together. The next 5-8 days, you are either visiting relatives or they are visiting you ( 拜年 "bai neen" in Cantonese and "bai nian" in Mandarin). 

All in all, celebrating Chinese New Year in China is much better than celebrating it anywhere else. 

Unfortunately, as China is becoming more Westernized, many of these traditions are being watered down. More and more families are going out to eat and according to many Chinese I know, the holiday spirit wasn't what it use to be. 

Feel free to share your experiences of Chinese New Year in the comments section!

To celebrate the upcoming New Year, the next few posts will be on subjects related to Chinese New Year. Topics will include red envelopes, the Chinese Zodiac, lion dance and even dumplings!

The 4 Rules for Giving Away Money - Chinese Red Pocket

If you know what a red pocket is (利事 "Lai See" in Cantonese and 紅包 "Hong Bao" in Mandarin), you either love it or hate it.

If you are on the receiving end you probably love it but if you are on the giving end you probably hate it. If you are giving, the only perk is you don't have to rack your brain for a nice gift. A red pocket is pretty straightforward: Money inside a RED envelope.

This post is going to look at some of the rules that govern the give and take that is the red envelope:

General Rule #1:
Receivers: Children (and not just your own), Unmarried Adult Friend and Families
Givers: Married Couples (gives two) and Widows (gives one)

General Rule #2:
Receivers: Guests of Honor at Special Occasions (Weddings, Birthdays, Going Away, Travel)
Givers: Attendees of these Special Occasions

General Rule #3:
Receivers: The Worker
Givers: The Boss

General Rule #4
Receivers: People who provide you with service (Doorman, Maid, Lion Dancers, etc)
Givers: You

So now you are armed with the general rules of engagement, so do what you need to do to navigate this fun yet sometimes painful Chinese tradition!

Learn Chinese (I always see this on fortune cookies):

恭喜發財,利是逗來 (Gong Hay Faat Choy, Lai See Dou Loi)

Translation: Be Prosperous and Happy give me my money! (that's what those Chinese characters say)

Why Doesn't the US Observe Chinese New Year?

Question: It is 2011, why doesn't the United States and other developed countries observe Chinese New Year (The biggest holiday by far in China) as an official holiday despite observing other ethnic related holidays?

Answer: Because Chinese people don't vote and we don't stand up enough for ourselves.
You want to change the rules, you need to play the game.
(Think of all of the children who have to painfully contemplate whether to sacrifice their "perfect attendance" award for a day off with their family)

Petition your Councilman, Congressman, Whateverman today!!