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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dog Personality

Chinese Zodiac / Shio Dog Personality

February 10,1910 to 29,1911 Jan.
Jan. 28,1922 to Feb 13,1923.
Feb. 03,1935 14,1934 to Feb.
February 02,1946 to 21,1947 Jan.
Feb. 07,1959 18,1958 to Feb.
February 06,1970 to 26,1971 Jan.
Jan. 25,1982 to Feb. 12,1983
Feb. 10,1994 to January 30,1995

In the Western world, dogs are known as man's best friend, but in this Chinese  Zodiac Astrology a little unpredictability in General. Those who born in the Zodiac are usually loyal, trustworthy and honest and always adhere to the rules. However, Dog Zodiac bit hard in the trust of others. They are generally more trusting yourself except lie to goodness, Zodiac Dog usually says what it is in order to avoid problems later on. Zodiac Dog can become amazing friends, keeping secrets and loyal (apart from white lies) and a good listener. This year is likely to be the source of those not accounted for. Chinese Zodiac / Shio life principles are usually the dogs live with the true, search little people who need help and struggling against injustice whenever possible.

A dog can be a bit opinionated as well. They rarely get along in social life, instead they menjuju direct to home, just hanging out on a topic that is considered important for them. This time the Dog Zodiac narrow-minded or stubborn can appear; Zodiac is difficult to remain calm and think clearly if there is an issue that comes along. This Zodiac can also be a very temperamenl life emotional problems often fickle and often aloof to resolve the problem. Part of the problem is the result of this Zodiac against unreasonable fears in the sense which makes curiosity. Those in the Zodiac which is sensitive to this need to keep relations towards others and trust them slowly. Without a foundation of trust, Zodiac Dog can be a bad judge of others.

Dog Zodiac nature make them a tremendous personal music entrepreneur, someone who can arrange everything, nature to regulate motivation from others. On the subject of love, dogs usually takes a long time to find the right people. They can be very curious so that even makes her partner is distracted. In all forums, Zodiac is most glad if can be physically active; be it at home or in the Office, the dog will always make new things or clean up everything to make things better. Zodiac dog needs to work to control their worries, which usually affects people even their loved ones.

The most suitable partner for dogs is a Tiger or a horse.

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